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Cameroon Crises

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Africa in the Hague

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Researching Africa in the 21st century

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Understanding the Congo Crisis

Innovative Research Methods

Innovative Research Methods is a community-based space for exploring new and creative ways of conducting, displaying and utilising academic research. Master's or Bachelor's student are encouraged to share their visual and digital research projects, discuss with peers and get new ideas for developing their research. The platform also combines best practices of other disciplines, working towards a skills hub.

Student Blogs

A random selection of blog posts by students participating in the projects

21st Century (2018/19)Course reflections

You can’t just sit and write down observations anymore

21st Century (2018/19)Blogging

1-2-3…Blog Myself!

Logo making

Creating a logo: the researcher’s next challenge

21st Century (2018/19)Project updates

Bibliography (non-alphabetical, to be added to)

21st Century (2018/19)

Active memory and Lumumba