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The Rastafari in Ethiopia: Challenges and Paradoxes of Belonging

Participative photography: the project

Completed projects

Fruitful Roots
Ruben van Gaalen went on a ten-day trip to Dublin with a camera to interview and film local hip-hop artists who were born in Africa, but raised in Ireland. This resulted in Fruitful Roots: African Immigrants in Irish hip-hop, a short film and accompanying essay that seek for connectivity in the expression of the self through music.
The Voices Of Young People Living With Speech And Hearing Impairment In Sierra Leone
A Participatory photo project by Emma Frobisher
Instagram in Nigeria (coming soon)
African Wax Print
By Manon van den Brekel
The football scholar
By Jake White and Castor van Dillen
Théâtre Source. Urban art as a connecting technology: a case study
By Edurne de Wilde


Web based tools

Hackastory tools is an essential collection of 100+ free third-party tools, plugins and platforms that can be employed to build your digital story.

Miro.com (formerly Realtimeboard) provides a free platform for visual team collaboration with a 'toolkit for user story or customer journey maps, wireframing, roadmap or sprint planning, retros, and more'


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