These projects are the outcome of field research and skills training applied to African societies in the Netherlands, in particular, in The Hague. Close to Leiden, students went out with their notebooks, camera's and voice recorders to explore various African facets of the city. This resulted in four mixed method projects and a series of personal reflections on their experiences in fieldwork and skills training. The project was carried out by Master students African Studies for the course Researching Africa in the 21st century.

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Music - Africa in the Hague

Mama Africa in the Hague

This multimodal project explores the event ‘Mama Africa’ as an example of African music in the Hague. Created only two years ago, Mama Africa has been rapidly gaining popularity and ...
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21st Century (2019/20) Africa in the Hague+1

Consuming African Cultures in the Hague

Over the past few months, we, Ning Yi Boline and Anissa Sidhoum Hassaïne, studied the Africa Products Shop (APS) located on Spui 231 in The Hague. We investigated the factors ...
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21st Century (2019/20) Africa in the Hague+1

Money Transfer Services in The Hague: An overview

Welcome to the home page of the research project: Money Transfer Services in The Hague! What you have before you is the end product of this research project, consisting of ...

Personal reflections

21st Century (2020/21)Africa in the Hague+15

Strategy towards my thesis: Forging cultural identity of Iteso through the lenses of their traditional music and dance

21st Century (2020/21)Personal Reflections+1

South Africa on the Keizersgracht

21st Century (2019/20)Africa in the Hague+2

African Music in The Hague