Over the past few months, we, Ning Yi Boline and Anissa Sidhoum Hassaïne, studied the Africa Products Shop (APS) located on Spui 231 in The Hague. We investigated the factors pushing people to make purchases in this specific store and the meaning of such an action.

With this research project, we attempted at drawing an overview of the shop’s clientele and product offerings and at understanding the reasons why people make the conscious choice of physically going to the Africa Products Shop.

Our findings as well as some of the material collected throughout the research process are summed up in an Adobe Spark Page story. Click below to read more.

Consuming African Cultures in the Hague

Aside from this research product, we both wrote a personal reflection regarding our experience of the research process and our takeaways as we are now heading to Tanzania and South Africa. Click here to read Ning Yi’s and here to read Anissa’s.