The Project:

On this website Max Engberts and Toon aan de Stegge bring you their multimedia project on the relationship between Russia or the Soviet Union and Africa. At the bottom of this page, links to three web pages can be found. In addition to each page hosting an episode of our podcast, they present the visitor with some visual sources, which can be viewed while listening to the respective podcast episode. The first page will give an introduction to the history of the Soviet Union and its relationship with Africa. This is followed by a page that focuses more on the modern day story of Russia and Africa. Max did most of the research for the first episode and will be explaining his findings to Toon, while in the second episode it will be the other way around. The last page will reflect on the project as a whole. While comparing the history with the modern day story, in this episode we’ll discuss some of the problems we ran into, while doing this research, and we’ll try to provide our listeners with some tools for their own further research into the topic. On these pages an episode of our podcast can be found, which will cover the subject of the page. On each page some additional sources will be presented that can be used for your own further research. The combination of a podcast with visual material and additional resources will hopefully provide you with an enjoyable audio-visual experience.


With this project it wasn't our goal to either give the entire history of Soviet involvement in Africa or give a complete analysis of the Russian presence in Africa. This is a topic an entire series of books can be written about and it thus wouldn’t be feasible to cover this with the format chosen for this project. Not only does this topic cover more than a century of history, it also covers the interactions between the world's largest state and an entire continent, characterized by its enormous diversity. It was our goal to provide people, newly interested in this subject, with a stepping stone for their own further research. To show them some of the common pitfalls or assumptions one must be aware of when doing research on this topic.


Negotiating power (2022/23)

Russia and the Soviet Union in Africa: The Soviet History

Negotiating power (2022/23)

Russia and the Soviet Union in Africa: The Modern Day Story

Negotiating power (2022/23)

Russia and the Soviet Union in Africa: Reflections