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“It's the not the Destination, It's the journey.” A quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that I have always connected with. My own personal journey this year is taking place at Leiden University studying for an MA in African Studies. Last year it was Erasmus in Rotterdam for an MA in Tourism, Culture, and Society. Being of Irish nationality and having lived in The Netherlands for seven years I feel fortunate to have this opportunity to return to education, a choice many don't have in some countries. I came from a life in Information Technology which opened opportunities for me to travel to and live in many countries and continents. Today, my future is directed toward Africa. Growing up my favorite movie beyond a doubt was 'Out of Africa'. I still rewatch it regularly. Little did I know then! Watching it as a child, I wanted to know where this country was, with the opening scene showing an old steam train traveling through the most picture-perfect landscape. Haunting music from composer John Barry played in the background to add to the beauty and romance of what the screen was showing us. Looking at it now, of course, I view this movie differently through adult eyes but what I hope I will learn more of is perspective!

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The San People of Africa – A conversation podcast

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Òkó an endangered language

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Attitudes toward alcohol use during pregnancy among women recruited from alcohol-serving venues in Cape Town, South Africa: A mixed-methods study