A story of cultural evolution continues to unfold for the San Bushmen tribes of Southern Africa, widely known as the oldest population of humans on Earth. Known as nomadic pastoralists, hunter-gatherers and living in harmony with the environment, they find themselves living an alternative narrative due to expulsion from their ancestral lands, racial inequality, and at risk of losing traditions, skills, and knowledge. Their participation in the tourism sector, agriculture sector and the life they lead today is the focus of interest in my conversation with Mike from Zimbabwe. He met and worked with these indigenous tribes through his career in his home country. We reflect on his interactions and also my first-hand visitor experience to the Namibian Ju/’Hoansi Living Museum in Grashoek where I spent half a day humbly in their presence.

 A treat on YouTube with Charlie Simpson from the UK band Busted joining The San Bushmen in Grashoek, Namibia to sing an amazing rendition of Walking With The San!

 Enjoy the podcast everyone!