In this visual project Hannah and I decided to tell you a story from the region around Kalemie. This is also the region where my family lived and which was discussed in our previous blog post

A lot of these stories, or legends, have been translated from Ki Swahili to Dutch by my grandfather. This translation is interesting, because at the time no official translation or dictionary existed.

Moreover, it is quite unique that we can still tell this story, since most of his work has been stolen. This is one of the stories that was still published in the magazine ‘Ohee’. Some of the others appeared in little books This is also the reason why my grandfather did not go to court with the theft, as he considered it more important that these youngsters could attain education.

Visual format

For this ethnographic assignment, we chose to transform this old legend to a more contemporary and accessible format: an Instagram story. We were inspired by the fact that we received the story through Whatsapp, a social media platform. Consequently, we wanted to stick to a similar platform. Instagram fulfilled the requirements best for representing visual materials. 

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