How can young African climate activists use the online environment to spread awareness and create a larger movement supporting their cause?

Chido Nyaruwata is described as 'a passionate Afro-feminist researcher, consultant, and digital storyteller' by the African Gender Institute (AGI), where she volunteers. As demonstrated in the vlog above, Chido makes strong and effective use of several types of digital mediums to communicate her message and to spread awareness about her main topics of interest - Water & Health Rights, Climate Justice, SRHR in Southern Africa and African feminist literature.

Next to her personal online initiatives highlighted in the video, Chido works on various projects and events together with the Young Feminist Leadership Project and AGI partners. She also volunteers at the African Women's Leaders Network, Zimbabwe chapter, and is a youth trainer Climate Change Zimbabwe - specifically at Youth4Planet and the African Youth Initiative.

With her research and creative work, she aims to create a space and an audience for the voices and experiences of young African girls and women. She has experience working with think tanks, civil society organizations and international organizations. 

We are excited to see what else she has in store!