Ferhat Abbas (1899-1985) was a fighter for Algerian independence. But that is neither the beginning nor the end of his life story. In fact, he evolved from a moderate reformer of “assimilation” to a supporter of the FLN (Front de libération nationale) and ended up as a critic of authoritarian tendencies after independence. Reason enough for us, Muzzar Krezna and Leo Dietrich, to make his life the subject of the first episode of our podcast VO!LAF (Voices of Leiden on Africa).

Can we leave our non-African bubble in only 25:25 minutes? Maybe not, but the chance increases through the involvement of Algerian citizens, who kindly answered some questions about Ferhat Abbas. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Malak, Imad, Tifo and Rachid.

Stay tuned to the end for the big Ferhat Abbas quote quiz.