I would like to create a platform for exchange between and among young people.

In the role of mediator and with the help of personalized factual interviews, I would like to produce podcast episodes in which specialist topics are discussed with inspiring young people. The political/social status of the respective broadcast should be presented in a critical and understandable way. Particular attention is paid to simplified contributions in everyday language to ensure inclusivity for the diverse audience.

The podcast should be structured according to the participatory model and ensure that the listeners are involved in the development processes of the programs. It should be about empowering and bridging the format by giving audiences the power to take control of their media representation.

The style of my programs can be described as classic professional. When setting up, I rely on the classic model; Intro, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Outro. The main part should essentially consist in the listeners having a virtual exchange with the expert, from which as many understandable and credible (scientific) answers as possible emerge for all listeners.

The topic of my first episode with Willem Jansik, student at Leiden University, is youth in Ghana. Given the growing population in Africa in general and Ghana in particular, this topic is topical and relevant in the public discourse of our time.

This format envisages a broadcast time of approx. 10-15 minutes per program, in which both the micro and the macro perspective of the topic should be discussed. Different people with different perspectives and backgrounds can act as experts. As a mediator, it is my job to take a neutral position on the topic in the discussion and to be able to present it in an understandable way. All of this serves the purpose of bringing more information into the societal youth discourse. The focus is on breaking down prejudices and misunderstandings while at the same time offering the public a platform to discuss topics that will remain topical for a long time to come.

My sincere appreciation goes out to Willem Jansik, thank you for being part of this episode.