The final assignment of our course 'Researching Africa in the 21st Century' was to create a story with (some of) our research data we collected in the field. The challenge was to create a digital product which could serve as an introduction to our final thesis.

I decided to make a podcast, because I enjoy doing it and because the main data I collected was through audio files or recordings. Not only does this format allow me to explain my complex topic in an understandable way, it also mirrors the form of data I use mostly.

This assignment helped me to frame the problems that I am facing in a way that I can communicate to others. It helped to reflect on all the things that had taken place in the field and it helped to reassess what my data actually is and how I am using it. The link to redirects you to the three episodes of my podcast that built the groundwork for the final research story.

I hope you enjoy listening to my considerations and experiences!