Not a tooth for a tooth, but just some common decency and the return of a man's denture to his home country.

This video concludes the five-part-series on 'Lumumba's Tooth'. Below, a complete list of all the sources used. 

Literature (alphabetically)

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YouTube Videos (used in the series, in order of appearance)

King Baudoin Declares Congo Independent (1960)

British Pathé

Simple History

King Leopold II & the Congo Free State (1885-1908)

Lumumba, mort du prophete – Independence


Digital storytelling 3: standbeeld Leopold 2, Tsana Effiong

Erasmix Ehb

L’attentat chromatique – retour sur l’action contre les statues de Léopold II

Théophile de Giraud

interview piet wittevrongel vs decroo leopold II

piet dwars


British Movietone

Belgique - Bruxelles dédie un square à Patrice Lumumba



Chloé Kitembo

Additional Sources 

Video Material 

Congolese honour Patrice Lumumba

SABC Digital News

Congo Independence Crisis 1960 (Lumumba’s Assassination)

Miguel Ferreira 

Patrice Lumumba: The U.S.-Backed Assassination of Congo’s
First Democratically-Elected Leader


Les dents de Patrice Lumumba


 Une mort de style colonial: l'assassinat de Patrice Lumumba - Archive INA

Ina Talk Shows

Kinderen van de
Kolonie – Canvas

Patrice Lumumba – VPRO


Tweet: Woudena

Afgezaagde hand
Leopoldstandbeeld boven water

Bijgehouden tand
van vermoorde Lumumba leidt tot klacht bij de politie 

Brussels sets straight historical wrong over Patrice Lumumba

Congolese hero gets immortalized in Belgium

Congolese put Belgium on trial

Congo-Kinshasa: The
Assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the Ghosts of History and the Policing of

De moord op
Lumumba: de dochter van de lijkruimer spreekt

De man die Lumumba deed verdwijnen

De Stoete Ostendenoare slaat weer toe

Gerard Soete –

Het mysterie van
de tand van Lumumba

Hopelijk keert
kalmte nu terug

Inauguration of the square Patrice Lumumba

Lumumba heeft dan
toch zijn eigen plein(tje) in Brussels 

Oostende wil
afgehakte hand van Leopold II beeld niet terug

Patrice Lumumba: the most important assassination of the 20th

Tand gevonden van
Lumumba; toont Belgische rol in zijn moord

Tand Lumumba gevonden
bij huiszoeking in België 

The Chilling Details of Patrice Lumumba’s Assassination and how
he was dissolved in acid

The 'Diabolical Job': Former Belgian Police Officer Describes How He and His Brother Disposed of Lumumba's Body. 


Images Used (in order of appearance)

Bridging Humanities

Logo University Leiden

Sapin Makengele: Congo Crisis

Picture Sapin Makengele

Picture Patrice Lumumba


David van Reybrouck: Congo

Piet Wittevrongel

Herman de Croo

Statue Leopold II on horse in Oostende

Statue Congolese man without hand 1

Statue Congolese man without hand 2

Raf de Boever at the statue

Raf de Boever close up 

New sign at statue of Leopold II

Bart Plasschaert unveils new sign at statue Leopold II

Sikitiko Hand Statue

Ludo de Witte: The Assassination of Lumumba

Gerard Soete with King

Gerard Soete with animal

Older Gerard Soete

Warning sign

Lumumba’s tooth

Juliana Lumumba in Kinderen van de Kolonie

De Morgen Lumumba article

Comments on Chloé Kitembo

Featured Image of Giraud on Leopold II’s Statue