1.  How do you see the role of the artist in the Cameroon Crisis? What do you want to achieve with this poem?

  2. You are quite polemical in your poem. What is your own attitude in this situation? Do you want reunification or separation? How do you see the future of Cameroon?

  3. You write about much more than just the linguistic divide. What else plays a role in the Cameroon Crisis according to you?

  4. Why do you choose poetry as an artform? What can it achieve? You also use many “obscure” words; how does this fit into the image of the poet as “town crier”/”voice of the voiceless”?

  5. What is the role of consciencism in your poem: Is it for you about unity of Cameroon or of the whole of Africa? 

  6. Can you/do you want to move back to Cameroon? 

Additional questions:


  1. Why do you use NOOREMAC when referring to Cameroon

  2. What is the role of (looking for) identity in your poem?

  3. You are sometimes optimistic about the future of Cameroon. You write about unity and uniting, etc. But at the end of the poem, you choose to leave Cameroon behind. Why do you do that? How should we read this?

  4. Who is Mbiya? Do you mean Paul Biya? You mention this name in some of your other works as well. 

  5. Do you want to read some excerpts of the poem for us?