Dear reader,

Hello and welcome to my portfolio! 

My name is Pleun and I am happy to be part of the MA African Studies at Leiden University. 

Let me first tell you a bit more about my history of academic education. My background is in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, a Bachelor programme that I followed at Utrecht University. During this Bachelor I narrowed down my focus by following a minor in African Development at Lund University (Sweden), as well as a minor in International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Both minors allowed me to further deepen my knowledge on the field of Development Cooperation, and to critically examine the ethical issues that come along with it. 

As I have a big passion for the African continent, choosing African Studies for my Master programme was not a difficult choice to make. I hope to gain a broader understanding of current developments that are taking place on the continent, and I look forward to conduct my own research during this year! 

Apart from my study interests, I am also very passionate about music. In my free time I love to play drums, piano, guitar, and ukulele, and I hope to add more instruments to this list in the years to come. I'm also very much into sports and enjoy making random cycling trips to cities in the Netherlands (especially when it's not raining).

I can't wait to share more posts with you in the upcoming months and I look forward to reading yours!

Enjoy the ride ;-)

Best wishes,


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