In this podcast addition, I spoke with Peter Lukumayi of Nafasi Art Space in Dar-Es-Salaam. What began as a space that provided an opportunity for Tanzanian artists to share and discuss ideas became an organisation that not only fostered emerging artists but now is recognised by the government as a serious addition to knowledge production in the Tanzanian arts.

We will discuss not only how Nafasi came to be but also how the organisation fosters artists, who the artists are that participate in the program and the rise of the significant outreach program that encourages art to students in public schools. As a result, Nafasi is an essential space that encourages conversations among artists not just nationally but internationally and as Peter explains, its growth challenges the “myth” that art is not a career path or an option for children in the future.

Thank you Peter Lukumayi for your time and patience!

Please visit the site to see some of the ongoing projects and artists work as well as profiles.