Those last two weeks, we went over different form of digital publishing with different presentations from various actors.

If I understand the necessity of visual research today, I must admit I was quite unsettled by the idea of creating a logo for our research. The questions to create it (Message, audience etc..) were necessary in order to frame a good research proposal however I could not understand the “branding” side of the exercise. I finally came up with a logo, through a logo making program, with a nice idea behind it, but it was quite a struggle at first…. Lack of artistry I guess.

I liked the website presenting different tools. I thought it was really useful to know that those programs exist and to know where to find them if needed.

I must say that, in spite of being born and grown up in that era, I put myself away of technology, relying on the necessary stuff. In this sense, all those platforms, apps, tools remain a mystery for me and it would be useful to dive a little bit into it, out of curiosity, to get acquainted with those.