The 19th of November was a special day: the tenth seminar of Researching Africa in the 21st Century!

Mirjam started off by asking about the status of everybody’s logo. Unfortunately I missed the previous class, so I did not attend the lecture by Harko van den Hurk on how to make a logo. His clear powerpoint made up for it, though, and after a long struggle with the ‘realtimeboard’ website I somehow did manage to capture my research in one single logo.

Then Kim showed several tools from the hackastory-website. This was quite inspiring, because I think many of the tools could be useful when doing the research for my thesis.

The stage of the research proposals and internships was then the next point on the program. Even hearing the word ‘internship’ made me feel stressed this day, since my internship in Namibia was cancelled and the clock was ticking to find a new one. Fortunately I got accepted to do an internship at a big Ugandan newspaper a few days later, so now I can finally relax. Well, only relatively of course.

The lecture was closed by Thomas Gesthuizen, who explained how we could post on the Voice 4 Thought website. If I am actually going to be successful in doing this, I will find out now. Wish me luck!