For the 1st assignment of Communicating Research, I have shared my through-the-mirror reflection below. You may choose to read/watch it by either opening the PDF file or by playing the video.

Sudi – Assignment 1 – reflection (PDF file)


During my internship, I worked for a Dutch-owned travel agency Tanzania Specialist based in Arusha, Tanzania and promised to design a Swahili language course for tourists and a more cultural tour in Dar es Salaam. My final works are available in the pdf format as below.

DAR Cultural Tour Itinerary

This itinerary fills the void of the travel agency’s products as they mainly focus on safari trips in the north of Tanzania. However, as the biggest city in Tanzania and the most populated city in East Africa, Dar es Salaam actually has a lot to offer to the tourists. Tanzania is obviously more than nature but is very cultural at the same time. Thus, based on my experience and knowledge, I designed this 4-day itinerary for the travel agency to refer to so that in the future they will probably launch a tour product in Dar es Salaam to offer their customers a chance to explore a more cultural and urban experience in Tanzania.


Useful Guidebook for Dar es Salaam

This is a handy guidebook about Dar es Salaam, designed for tourists to refer to if they are interested in visiting Dar es Salaam. The guidebook covers the background knowledge of the city, the country and lists a lot of points that tourists should keep in mind during their visit. I also listed some must-see attractions and some unique and entertaining events in this guidebook.


Basic Swahili Course for Tourists

Even though in the tourism scene, most people the tourists interact with can speak more or less English. However, as the national language of Tanzania, the Swahili language has its significant role and visibility. It is very recommended and helpful for tourists to learn some basic Swahili not only to improve their overall experience but also to promote Tanzanian culture.


Overall, I hope the products I designed can be helpful and inspiring if you are interested in visiting Dar es Salaam or Tanzania someday.