For our group research project in this course, we decided to explore the complex concept of cultural appropriation. Over the last few decades, it has been an increasingly important concept and a point of debate between different perspectives. To narrow it down, we chose to look at cultural appropriation in the fashion industry, particularly focusing on the use of African prints and fashion styles in Western countries. To narrow it down even more, we decided to use a case study in order to have a focus point in our research – therefore we looked at Vlisco as a case study in its use of ‘African prints’ whilst (re)appropriating it in the Dutch culture.

Our final product is a presentation in the form of a Prezi file. Unfortunately it is not possible to download the file, therefore we please ask you to click here and choose ‘Present’ so that you can view our presentation in the optimal way.

If you have any further questions, remarks or further suggestions for our research, please let us know!


Robin van Andel, Willem Jansink, Roos de Raadt