A video by Mathijs Cazemier and Gilda Christina Rodrigues

Kémi Séba was born in 1981 in Strasbourg (France) to Beninese parents. In 2004, Seba founds Tribu Ka, a Parisian political group that promotes Black identity and Panafricanism. In May 2006, Tribu Ka is accused of antisemitism and is dissolved after Seba is imprisoned in September of the same year. After his release from prison in 2008, Seba tried to reconstitute Tribu Ka under the name of Génération Kemi Seba, and later Jeunesse Kémi Séba. Both projects failed.

In 2011, After a short involvement with the United States-based New Black Panther Party, Séba settled in Sénégal where he continued his political activism and became a lecturer in African universities. Since 2017, Séba has been really active on social media, notably Instagram, which he uses to denounce European neocolonialism, critique European and African elites and defend Pan-Africanism and African sovereignty.

In this presentation, we ask the following question: how was Kemi Séba able to use his Instagram account to spread political ideology and establish himself as an influential activist in Africa and in France?

We conducted this research by analyzing his Instagram account and posts in chronological order.