Last week a graphic designer came in class in order to help us understanding the importance of a logo for our research. Do you know that a logo is like your business card? A good logo can be easily recognised by people and it anticipates your work. When they asked us to design our logo I thought ” Ok, this is going to be easy”, but I was wrong.

To design a logo that has to represent your research, thousands of words compressed in a single little illustration, is a difficult task. How can I create something fascinating and explanatory of my future field research? Well, I understood that there is a precise process of brain storming behind it and, obviously, graphic design skills is a plus. If I had to write a short list of recommendations for your logo:

  1. Don’t take it for granted – because the process behind it seems easy but instead it involves your capability of make others understanding what are you talking about in just one glance.
  2. Try to be concise – remember that the most beautiful and detailed drawing will disappear on the bottom of a page in size 1 x 1 cm.
  3. Visualize your main idea – it is important to understand what we want to say with that !

I have also realised that in order to work on a logo you need a precise a idea of what you want to present as a result of your research, your message. This is the key for creating a nice logo for your paper. In my case, I had some problems in deciding what I wanted to use, but after focusing on my question and possible results of my research, I have finally drawn something that I think can represent my project.

Regarding the discussion on our papers, some of us are facing many problems in the organization of the  internship. Oh no! For this reason, some students have changed their research topic and they are looking for other opportunities. Besides the problems, that it is normal to face in the preparation of the internship, I feel that we are enough motivated to continue. 

Sharing our difficulties together is a good opportunity in order to find effective solutions, we can give each other important input (advices, contacts, practical informations) that can help us to go forward.