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A subtitle is not merely a title. It's a separate file in which you make a translation in a specific language of the narration of your product. This file can be burned into your production or linked to it. The two free subtitle software programs that we work with are Jubler and Aegisub. In the following tutorials you will see how to install and use them to create subtitles for your final multimedia production.

Download Jubler Subtitle Editor

You can download Jubler for free from the official website here (Mac, Windows or Linux).

Download Aegisub Advanced Subtitle Editor

You can download Aegisub for free from the official website here (Mac or Windows).

Aegisub Lesson 1 - Getting Started with Subtitles & Timing
Aegisub Lesson 2 - Move and Resize Text
Aegisub Lesson 3 - Edit Font, Color, Size and Create Custom Styles
How to Add Subtitles to Your Videos With Aegisub (For Free)