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Photo Editing software


A free alternative for photoshop, good to edit an image

How to use GIMP (Beginners Guide)
GIMP in less than 10 minutes: Beginners Guide
GIMP: how to make a background transparent
Raw Therapee

A free and good alternative for Lightroom to select, edite and discribe your images

Rawtherapee - basic RAW processing
Basic editing in Rawtherapee

Audio-Visual Editing software

There are many programs on the internet that can help you to edit your product. Some are available for Windows, such as the Adobe CC suite and Movie Maker, others are made exclusively for Mac, such as Final Cut Pro and iMovie. There are many options to get free editing software, on- or off-line. We have selected a few.

Free video editor (Videosoftdev)
Shotcut video editor

Free download (cross platform): https://shotcut.org