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To be able to collect data in the production phase, you need to select the equipment that you want to use to create your multimedia product. We can provide you with a simple but strong photo camera, a good sound recorder and the needed accessories to complete the recording set. Manuals and instruction films can be found below. If you have your own equipment, use the internet to get familiar with all the needed options and bring it along to the Hub. If you prefer to use your smartphone, read the info about Filmic pro, an app we use within the V4T Academy in Mali. The app, in combination with some accessories, gives you the option to monitor your sound while recording.

Zoom H1n recorder

Beginner's Guide to the Zoom H1n audio recorder
Zoom H1n from a filmmaker's perspective
Zoom H1 Enregistreur Numérique (Francais)
Zoom H1n Product Overview
Operation Manual: Zoom H1n (English)

Download here (PDF, 15 MB)

Operation Manual: Zoom H1n (French)

Download here (PDF, 14 MB)

A list of compatible microSDHC cards

Download here (PDF, 29 kb)

Sony RX100

Sony RX100 original: worth it in 2020?
Sony RX100: How to use manual mode - the basics

Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro - Quick Start Guide
Filmic Pro - User manual