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Author: Anne Burdick, et al. (2012)

A visionary report on the revitalization of the liberal arts tradition in the electronically inflected, design-driven, multimedia language of the twenty-first century. Digital_Humanities is a compact, game-changing report on the state of contemporary knowledge production. Answering the question “What is digital humanities?,” it provides an in-depth examination of an emerging field.

This collaboratively authored and visually compelling volume explores methodologies and techniques unfamiliar to traditional modes of humanistic inquiry—including geospatial analysis, data mining, corpus linguistics, visualization, and simulation—to show their relevance for contemporary culture. Written by five leading practitioner-theorists whose varied backgrounds embody the intellectual and creative diversity of the field, Digital_Humanities is a vision statement for the future, an invitation to engage, and a critical tool for understanding the shape of new scholarship.

Advances in Visual Methodology

Author: Pink, Sarah (ed.) 2012.
Publisher: London: SAGE

Sarah Pink draws together in a single volume a set of key writings on advances and explorations that sit at the innovative edge of theory and practice in contemporary visual research. Advances in Visual Methodology presents a critical engagement with interdisciplinary practice in the field of visual research and representation, examining the development of visual methodology as a field of interdisciplinary and post-disciplinary practice that spans scholarly and applied concerns. The book explores how new practice-based, theoretical and methodological engagements are developing and emerging in research practice; the impact new approaches are having on the types of knowledge visual research produces and critiques; the ways visual research intersect with new media; and the implications of this for social and cultural research, scholarship and intervention.

Creating with mobiles

Author: Marsha Berry (2017)

One of the first books to address the nature of creative practice through ethnographic research focused on how artists and writers engage with mobile media.Details how creative vernaculars emerge from evolving creative tools in the rapidly shifting technological and digital environment. Offers analysis of how mobile media have impacted previously-existing media forms and how it has generated new forms all its own alike

SAGE Methodspace Sarah Pink Interview

Sarah Pink talks to Patrick Brindle, Research Methods Publisher at SAGE Publications, about what advice she would give to new researchers, and about she views developments in the field of research methods. The interview was filmed at the Visual Methods Conference in Leeds, September 2009.

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Simple strategy for finding good research paper topics.

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