The nature of my research internship at the Living Artists Emporium changed quite drastically from what was initially set out. This was mostly due to the current circumstances that the COVID19 pandemic has put in place. There has been a need for all businesses to transfer their resources online in order to remain operable.

Therefore, a large portion of my internship was spent updating their website [], creating social media content and, most importantly, creating an online archive [].
Part of the content creation included experimenting with a company TikTok and taking photos for Instagram stories [].

TikTok Examples:

The idea to produce the online archive did not initially come about but presented itself as necessary as I became further integrated within the company. As an outsider, access to information was not easy – considering the current systems in place at the Living Artists EmporiumKnowledge of the platform, how they operate and who they represent is mandatory in order to carry out admin tasks. Therefore, I proposed creating a centralized space for all information about the Living Artists Emporium, in order to provide reputability to the company and provide future interns with an easy-to-use system when trying to familiarize themselves with the company. This online database is yet to hold the entire company archive but presents itself as a start in is what is otherwise a herculean task.