Reflective Podcast

Having missed the first few lessons of Reaserching Africa in the 21st Century, I´ve decided to do a podcast for each missed lesson. I did most of the readings for each week and watched the videos. I provide a summary for each reading and video before offering my opinion on the topic of the week in general.

I really enjoyed this module as it challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. I loved that we weren´t simply required to read but we were also asked to watch youtube videos. I really liked the structure of the module and how it transitions nicely into a different topic each week. Lastly, I really enjoyed the assigments we were given each week as they were versatile and engaging.

Thank you Dr. Mirjam and Federica for a very insightful module.

Week 1

● Sarah Pink: Advances in Visual Methodology: An Introduction. In Pink, Advances in
Visual Methods. Sage Publishing.
Digital humanities, Burdick: Introduction


● Youtube interview with Sarah Pink:

Week 2

Part 1


Part 2


● Chapter on methodology in thesis Mahlet; The Rastafari in Ethiopia: Challenges and Paradoxes of Belonging.

● PALOMA GAY Y BLASCO, Friendship, Anthropology.

● Carli Coetzee. Ethical?! Collaboration?! Keywords for our contradictory times.

● Dipesh Kharel. Visual Ethnography, Thick Description and Cultural Representation.

● Clifford Geertz. Thick Description: Toward an Interpretive Theory of Culture. 


● Dr. Lidewyde´s interview (can be found on IRM).

● Mahlet´s video (can be found on IRM).