Dear readers,

I would like to share my thoughts on the last two classes from my own point of view.

The class on the 12th of November was an interesting one for me. When I came into class, I was surprised not to see Mirjam, Sjoerd and Ruben as usual, but rather I was greeted by Kim, Harco and the programmer (I forgot his name). For a second I thought I was in the wrong class, but then I realized that my whole class was sitting there, so that could not be the case, right?

The class started very technical, with some explanation about programming language and how to manipulate sources on Wikipedia pages. It sounded interesting, but it was a bit short if you ask me.  Afterwards, we delved into communication messages and focused on the power of logo’s to convey our message(s). I really liked the second part of the lecture by Harko, because I found it interesting to hear an expert logomaker explain to us how it goes behind the scene. Unfortunately, I am not very creative when it comes to creating logo’s and struggled a bit with the assignment, but I liked the assignment nevertheless, because it forced me to visualize my research. What I mean by this, is that I can more easily create an image of my research in my mind, which enables me to more easily explain my research to people who are non-experts in my field of research, which is archaeobotany.

Last week Mirjam and Ruben were back and we spoke about our internship and research plans. To me, it was nice to hear that the majority was progressing well in regards to their internship. Afterwards, we got a short workshop by another guest lecturer on how to work with WordPress and how to manouver through the V4Thought website, which despite a few technical difficulties, was nice to have. I was not familiar with WordPress, and I really see potential in using it for my own research. This is because it is a relatively easy piece of software to use. Furthermore, it also enables me to reach a larger audience with my research because it is web-based and it even has the potential to make my research more interactive because it is open-source software.

With only a few weeks ahead of us, I am hoping that we will gain more knowledge on how to work on our research proposals. After all, before long we will be abroad and it will be our turn to work our butts off in our chosen countries.

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