For my thesis, I would like to create an academic text that will be accompanied by a website.

I feel as though the multimedia content of some of my respondents cannot be properly appreciated in an academic text. Therefore, a website will enable me to share some of the cultural products of my respondents as well as their stories. My results are not bound to fine artists, as some of my respondents now include fashion designers and musicians. Therefore, there needs to be a multimedia platform that can facilitate the sharing of their work.

This website also aims to make a statement in regards to the issue of labelling non-naitonals. Therefore, each profile will not have the name of the individual on the tile but rather terms such as migrant/immigrant/ex-pat/foreign national etc. This will be used to illustrate how dehumanizing labels can be.

The majority of the analysis will be done in the academic text, however, some key insights on the respondent and their cultural products will be shared on the website. The aim of this is to allow readers a more visual and interactive mode with which to engage with the subject.