This page will serve as a "quick and dirty" showcase of the ideology system in the Ujuba na Takaburi submod for The New Order: Last Days of Europe.

As an example we will take a look at Cameroon;

In its initial breakaway state from German colonialism Ahmadou Ahidjo establishes an authoritarian democracy (a term used in TNO for emerging democracies) under the CNU and follows his real-world agenda of European collaboration and continued economic influence from the former colonial overlord. This grants Cameroon a modicum of economic prosperity and does not upset the remaining German settlers but naturally angers the more radical elements in the independence movement, who are represented in the ideological pie chart under various colours besides Ahidjo's grey. 

Should Ahidjo's position of power become jeopardised, these radical elements may overthrow his government and establish one of their own;

One of these options is a socialist revolution under Ruben Um Nyobè, a trade unionist and fervent opponent of German influence in Cameroon due to his experiences in the French-led Jeunesse camerounaise Française, an anti-German organisation that existed in Yaoundé in the 1930s. Ahidjo and his supporters will be forced into opposition and the German elements within the Cameroonian economy will be nationalised, which will be damaging in the short term. Nyobè will have to attempt autarky or seek new investment partners for the plantations to prevent a countercoup supported by the German government and its intelligence service.

Germany, aided by reactionary elements within the Cameroonian bureaucracy and the union of Cameroonian planters (Vereinigung Kameruner Pflanzer / VKP) will install Paul Biya as the new dictator should Nyobé's leadership coalition fall apart. Biya will eliminate the liberal opposition and empowers the German community in Cameroon, which radicalises the remainder of Nyobè followers to communism (deep red).

Of course, there is an option for Cameroon to become practicall any ideology on the political spectrum, complete with its own leader and agenda;

Seeking support from foreign powers, managing the economy and dealing with the leftovers from colonialism is the typical bread and butter gameplay of your average playthrough as Cameroon. Ujuba na Takaburi will eventually include playable content for all the postcolonial states in Africa in The New Order: Last Days of Europe based on primary source examination of the leadership styles of these various politicians and opposition leaders and an adaptation of them as characters in this scenario.