General introduction

This short animation gives you a complete overview of the most important terms in photography

Guide to photography - photography basics
Basic principles of photography

David Capel

Photography Basics: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Spencer Cox - PhotographyLife

Read online: https://photographylife.com/photography-basics

Photography basics for Noobs
The Exposure Triangle - Aperture, Shutter, ISO
Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO: What do these mean and how do cameras work?
Camera basics - ISO
Camera basics - aperture
Camera basics - shutter speed
Camera basics - focal length
7 simple ways to master light in your photography
9 quick tips for better black and white photos
Guide to complementary colors in photography

Read online: https://phlearn.com/magazine/guide-to-complementary-colors-in-photography/

Beginner photography mistakes
9 quick tips for better black and white photos
Rules of framing and composition
The history and science of lenses
The properties of camera lenses
Tips for smartphone photography
How to add photo metadata without special software

Author: Denise May Levenick

What is semiotics?
How to use rhetoric to get what you want