Since the beginning of January 2020, I have been interning with a human rights organization in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The organization is working with marginalized and vulnerable groups in Tanzania Mainland, including refugees, asylum seekers, people affected by or at risk of statelessness and victims of gender-based violence. Their main objective is to protect and advocate the human dignity of their target groups and to support them in the realization of their individual social and economic development. Among other things, the organization provides legal assistance, community empowerment and livelihood programs, engages in advocacy work and awareness-raising.

With my blog posts, I attempt to create an archive of my stay here in Dar es Salaam and reflect on topics that I have been interested in for long - mobility, asylum and migration policy, refugee rights - as well as rather new topics to me, such as the magnitude of the issue of statelessness. You will, consequently, find posts of different kinds: while some posts shall provide some background information on the situation of refugees in Tanzania in general, others will be reposts of blogs I have written in the course of my internship or more personal reflections on experiences I have made, also outside of my internship.

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